Image and photo services

Address enquiries concerning publishable image files of artworks, objects and old photographs in the collections to the Gallen-Kallela Museum.

Depending on purpose of use, a fee is charged for the use of images. The standard price for (non-commercial) publication for cultural use is €80. More information on fees is available from the museum. There is no fee for use by students or researchers.

The use of images is subject to an agreement stating the terms of use. The main terms are as follows:

–  Basic information on the artwork or object shall be given and the Gallen-Kallela Museum and photographer shall be credited in connection with the published image.

–  Images may not be given to third parties without permission from the museum.

– Images must not be archived.

– The Library of the Gallen-Kallela Museum shall be provided with a free copy of the published material resulting from the use of the images.

Please address enquiries concerning images to Collections Manager Salla Tiainen,+358 (0)10 40 6842, salla.tiainen(ät)

Images are delivered in 1 –2 weeks.

Some 800 digitised old photographs can be viewed and downloaded on Flickr. The Gallen-Kallela Museum is included in Flickr Commons, with no copyright restrictions on the use of images. For more about related rights, see this link.