Museum is open from 1st of June: COVID-19 safety policies

Museum and the Café are open from the 1st of June 2020, except the Midsummers Eve 19th of June we are closed.

We are glad to open the Museum again, but at the same time safety precautions due to COVID-19 risk are at place to help our visitors feel safe visiting the Museum.

We wish all our visitors would use the hand sanitizers provided, and keep the safety distances of 1 or 2 metres when in the Museum. Please consider our staff and visitors: if feeling any symptoms, leave your visit to another time. 

To protect our staff and our visitors, we have a safety glass protecting the info desk, and there are hand sanitizer dispensers available outside the Museum and the Café. The staff can use face masks and gloves. We can also limit the admission to the Museum if needed.

Guided tours will commence in July. Guided tours in English will be held on 4th July and 1st August at 2 pm. Please book a private tour by sending us email. Please note we admit 10 persons max to a guided tour this summer.