Accessibility and information for the museum visit

Museum parking is located at the end of the Gallen-Kallelan tie outside the museum area. Disabled parking (with permit only) is located next to the cafeteria building. Parking at the museum garden is strictly prohibited for safety reasons but if you are accompanied by someone who has trouble walking long distances, it is possible to drive them to the museum area before parking.

You can access the museum building via ramp by the main entrance. The ramp has a handrail. When entering the museum, backpacks are left on the coat racks and lockers in the hallway next to the entrance. Tickets can be purchased from the desk in the main lobby.

Atelier building has a tower with no elevator. The staircase is deep and does not have a handrail. To access the upper level of the tower you need to climb over 60 steps. Because the upstairs of the museum is not accessible for everyone, we have made the decision to dedicate the downstairs as our main exhibition area. Some exhibition information will continue upstairs but these materials are available in the downstairs area for everyone to access. More information and images of the upstairs can be found from our museum guidebooks and by asking our ticket desk. There are chairs for resting in the exhibition space.

Only guide dogs are welcome to the museum.

The cafe-restaurant Tarvaspää is located in the museum’s courtyard, opposite the museum. There are four steps to the cafe building and a sturdy ramp with a railing. Café is dog friendly, and you are welcome to bring your pet with you.

There is no toilet in the museum building. The museum’s toilets are in the main lobby of the cafe-restaurant opposite the museum. There are four steps to the cafe building and a sturdy ramp with a railing.

There is an audio guide available that provides information about the history of the museum building. You can use it with your own device.

There is a museum guidebook available that tells more about the history of the building.

Those traveling with a small child can borrow a baby carrier from the ticket desk.

If you need assistance or more information about the accessibility of our museum building please contact us before your visit