The Return to Karelia – Caj Bremer Visiting the Villages of the Rune Singers in Soviet Karelia

10.9.2016 - 15.1.2017

Photographer and academician Caj Bremer (born 1929) and journalist Sakari Määttänen (1938–1992) went on five trips to Soviet Karelia in the years 1979 –1982. The visits were carried out with special permission, and the articles about them in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper gave Finns their first look at the reality of life in the region since the end of the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War in 1944. The photographs by Caj Bremer, a pioneering figure in Finnish photojournalism and Sakari Määttänen’s texts tell of the everyday life in the old rune-singer villages and the Soviet Union at the time.

Only a small part of the material photographed by Bremer was published in the newspaper, and most of it is now on display for the first time. It is a significant body of material presenting the situation on the Karelian Isthmus and in Olonets and Dvina Karelia at a time when visits to these regions were limited and carefully controlled.

The exhibition is curated by artist photographers Martti Jämsä and Hans von Schantz.

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