The Sampo and The Drum Club for Families

5.9.2020 - 31.12.2021

The Sampo and The Drum is a family club for children and families organized by The Gallen-Kallela Museum. In the club meetings we do various arts and crafts.

Sampo and the Drum dates in summer 2021:

3.7. klo 12-14
17.7. klo 13-15
24.7. klo 13-15
31.7. klo 13 – 15

Sampo and the Drum is organized outside in the garden. Open and free for all, welcome!


Get involved and make some art inspired by our videos!

Club theme in February is portraits

You can make portraits in many different ways. We present a couple of techniques in our videos below.

Portrait in beans: Make a portrait using a simple drawing and adding colors and texture with small objects, like beans or legos.

Monotyping: In this technique you can paint on a plexi-glass and print the image on a paper. You will need paintbrushes, glass or plexi-glass and paint. You can use acrylic paint, ink or even finger paint.

Club theme in March is Weaving

Instructions in these videos in Finnish.

Mini rya: Weave a little rya with a cardboard box loom! You will need a box, a ruler, pen, scissors, mask tape, variety of yarns, a bodkin needle  and a comb.

Rigid heddle loom from a plastic lid:  Inkle woven ribbon with a rigid heddle loom. You will need a plastic square lid, variety of yarns, marker pen, ruler, scissors, a hobby drill or other hole punch and a belt for your waist.

In spring we paint flowers!

Watercolors: Coryndalis with watercolor pencils

Watercolors: Kidneywort for Mother’s Day (video 1st of  May)


Sampo and the Drum video playlist is at Museum’s YouTube Channel, watch all of the videos here!



Would you like to propose an idea or craft for the club? Please contact: